The Lolligagger

8601840582_39680d1cd3_zYou know who you are.  You moved mountains in your schedule to finally get to the gym.  You’ve got your sneaks laced up.  Water bottle in tow.  You’re workin’ your workout swag.  Tunes ready to rock on your iPod.  You march up to the indoor track like you’re about to take on the world.

And then you just lolligag.  You poke along, checking your Facebook, tweeting your selfie, changing Pandora stations.  Next thing you know, an hour’s gone by.  All done!  And you go grab a donut, because you earned it.

The next morning, you’ve got high hopes of what that scale will say.  And you’re horrified to see that you gained another 2 pounds.  Disappointment has you calling to cancel your gym membership once again.

Now, hear me out.  Yes, I’m making light of very real situation, but I hope it’s enough to create the change many people need.  Take a second to re-read all of this.  Talk about a daily emotional roller coaster that ends in shame and defeat!

May I offer some advice?  Let’s start from the top.

  • We often get so caught up in the “stuff” of working out, that we forget to think about the actual workout.  Before you plan your outfit, plan how you’ll spend that 30 minutes or an hour at the gym.
  • Throw out all the distractions.  Don’t use your phone for an iPod.  Have your playlist ready before you get there.  Press “play” when you arrive and don’t touch it again until you’re done.
  • Take that plan you made and WORK IT!  I mean it!  Get that heart rate pumping.  Break a sweat.  Don’t spend your time telling the world you made this workout count, tell yourself!!  Find your inner Rocky and go all “Yo, Adrian” on the thing!
  • Do you really want this whole thing to be in vain?  It will be if you get that donut!  You earned a lower number on that scale.  Don’t rob yourself of it by eating badly.  Skip the soda, drink the water, eat well-balanced meals, and show your body the love it deserves.

Health can’t be confined to a one hour time slot at the gym.  Let it permeate your whole life!  Shame and defeat are no longer welcome here.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

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