5 Reasons Why I’m Coaching For Fit Pastors


January 8, 2014, FitPastors.com is officially launching and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. (Read all about what it is here). Here’s why:
1. I want to help women in ministry get healthy. They face their own set of challenges that often contribute to poor eating habits and no time for exercise or self care.
2. I want to help ministry families. I have one of my own and understand how important it is to get easy, inexpensive, and nutritious meals on the table. Keeping health a priority in the home will benefit our families in every area.
3. I’ve dealt with my own set of soda and fast food addictions. However, most people would say I shouldn’t worry about it because it never caused me to become overweight. This is where godly character steps in and makes changes. While my waistline wasn’t affected immediately, my long-term health would’ve definitely taken the hit.
4. I bring a woman’s perspective. The Fit Pastors team recognizes the importance of having a well-rounded approach to coaching men and women in their fitness. We believe both genders should be present to accomplish this.
5. I believe, passionately, in a good splurge. Yeah, you read that right! Just like in the Bible, there is a time and place to feast. The trouble is, our over-indulgent society has misconstrued this entire concept. I want to teach ministers how to indulge appropriately without letting the sin of gluttony raise its ugly head.
This is going to be a life-changing experience for so many. I love that I get to be in on it!!! Click here to enroll in the academy! Do it today for an early bird 10% discount using EARLYBIRD for the code! While you’re at it, share this post on Facebook or Twitter!


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