My Marathon, Part 1: The Beginning


I had a baby November 2012. Since my husband did his second Ironman earlier that year, we agreed that 2013 would be “my year”. He wasn’t going to train for anything major. It was my turn.
I had this little thought dancing around my head to do something far bigger than anything I had ever tried. So far, I had done a few 5K’s, sprint triathlons, and one half marathon. A full-fledged Ironman wasn’t an option. (I mean, who wants to sit on that little bike seat for 112 miles? Not me!) The choice was clear. It was marathon or nothing.

You ever wanted to do something you just really didn’t want to do? That was my feeling about training and running 26.2 miles. So I trapped myself. My friend, Amy, had just completed her first marathon and had announced she’d be doing another the following year. So I said, on Facebook, making sure the world could see, “I’ll do it with you!” I was in. I was committed to it now.

We managed to rope in another friend, Korista. And there began a journey of 26.2 that none of us would forget.


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