Unimaginable Redemption


So many unknowns. Miles yet to travel. All signs of comfort or familiar are far behind. There’s this clock ticking with no idea how much time is left. Life is about to change in a big way. A good way. The overwhelming thought of how this whole thing is going to come together is almost too much to bear. But there’s no turning back.
As the pieces of the puzzle begin to reveal their greater picture, it still doesn’t seem to make sense. The where’s, how’s, and who’s are dramatically different than previously imagined. This can’t be right, can it? Was there a mistake somewhere?
The stress of all the unanswered questions can’t possibly hold up under the weight of doubt. Trust has now unraveled down to its smallest thread. How can another minute pass?
And yet, it happened. The story unfolded just as it should have. Not one detail was missed. Every hardship, every imperfection, every terrible moment found redemption in the beauty it wove together.
This is Emmanuel. This is God with us.
Those who have come after Mary walk a similar road. Struggle, heartache, and many unanswered questions mark the path. And somehow, not a single tear is wasted. Not one heavy sigh goes unseen.
Because Jesus came to redeem. All of it. God, in His great sovereignty, is able to give ‘a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair.’
This is Christmas.


One thought on “Unimaginable Redemption

  1. Beautiful words from a grateful heart

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