The Skinny On Skinny


As I wrap up studies for my personal training certification, I’ve come to realize my soapbox in health/fitness/weight loss/all that.
Skinny is overrated. You might say, “Amy, I think you’re skinny. Who are you to talk?!” And I get that. However, I’ve been this same size before while being completely unhealthy. Seriously, I think I was on my way to diabetes, cancer, or who knows what. You cannot fuel your body with the junk I was and expect anything less.
Not too long ago, I met a man who appeared to be quite fit. He worked in construction which allowed him to burn off the calories he consumed. Yet, he suffered a major heart attack! It’s the lesson of garbage in, garbage out. And it’s taken me a long time to get this.
Are you struggling with your weight? For crying out loud, stop pinning those Pinterest blogs about sexy abs with the girl sporting a photoshopped six-pack!! Even if it’s real, do you know what it takes to get that? I’ll tell you it’s way more than the sit-ups she’s saying to do.
Here’s my point. If your goal is “skinny”, you’re probably more likely to fail or develop some kind of eating disorder, than to look like the picture on that blog. Instead, make your goal healthy. Not only will you succeed, but you’ll do more for yourself in the way of long term health than anything else.
And while we’re at it, stay tuned with me here. I’ve got way more to say on this subject!


2 thoughts on “The Skinny On Skinny

  1. Love this so much. I’ve spent nearly my whole life wanting to be skinny…never healthy. I’m starting to change that mindset now, though.

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