Picture of Painful Perfection


Last year, one of my Facebook friends posted pictures of her beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table. From the linens to the neatly arranged place settings to the gorgeous centerpiece, she didn’t miss a thing. It was the picture of perfection.
Meanwhile, I had just had a baby two weeks prior. My party of 5 went to the local Boston Market the night before, so all we had to do was throw it in the microwave the next day. There were no table linens. No place settings. I’m pretty sure our plates didn’t even match. There was certainly no centerpiece.
As I scrolled through my newsfeed and landed on those pictures, I felt a sting in my heart. Ugly thoughts followed: Must be nice to have all that time and money to pull that off. She’s always seemed a little uptight and that’s just the kind of personality that would go to all that trouble. She probably yelled at her kids all day so they wouldn’t mess it up.
Horrible, isn’t it? Let’s be clear here. There wasn’t anything wrong with my friend’s behavior. Not. One. Thing. I, on the other hand, needed to heed a big warning: when someone else’s grand effort stings your heart, it’s a sign of your own dissatisfaction within yourself. For me, that meant I was a tired Momma feeling disappointed in her less-than-ideal Thanksgiving.
Ever been there? I’ve been on the other side too. It hurts when you go all in on something in your life, only to have others criticize it because of their own hangups. Ladies and gentlemen, listen to the alarm going off in your spirit when you find yourself in this place. We do this far more often than we’d like to think. And it’s wounding our hearts.
Stop and ask yourself why you feel this way. Own up to the bad things you feel when faced with another’s good things. While the enemy wants to steal, kill, and destroy us, God wants to give life and make us whole. First, we have to get honest with ourselves.


3 thoughts on “Picture of Painful Perfection

  1. Great message ! Kind of hit’s home but does it count if instead of yelling at kid’s , I yell at your daddy and maybe kick Abbygail? Seriously good word’s to hear this Christmas season !

  2. sniff, sniff… so there.

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